Windows Mobile Phones and Their Features

Windows hit the mobile market in 2010 with the Windows Mobile 7, set out to rival Google and Apple operation systems for smartphones. Can Microsoft do anything wrong?
Their OS for smartphones and personal pocket PC’s turned out to be elegant, classy and high-end; definitely exceeded expectations. Windows mobiles revolutionised display, user interface and the concept of daily updates. Their motto is small and simple-make your life smooth even on the go. Read more »

Apple iPad 3

Apple iPad 3 Designed To Blow Your Mind Off

Seems like the gigantic company Apple loves to keep their customers waiting for amazing creations. Firstly they started with iPhone 5 (which still does not have any official updates) and then the Apple iPad 3. It was finally released on the month of March and did not disappoint its fans at all. Its outstanding features and specifications were up to the mark.

There are lots of deals in the market for those who already own an Apple iPad 3. Before we take a look onto them, lets find out its specifications to understand better. Read more »

SIM Only Deals With Internet

SIM Only Deals with Internet Now With All-You-Can-Eat Data Allowance





The importance of internet has increased in a great pace and has become a part and parcel in everyone’s life. It has made people lazy and has also made people more active. It has brought innovation into communication and has definitely made things much easier.

The need to have internet connectivity in a smartphone is extremely necessary to help fulfill all the needs of communication through social network integration and many much more. SIM only deals with internet comes to the rescue and are designed in a way to satisfy everyone’s needs of usage. Lets find out how. Read more »

O2 SIM Card

O2 SIM Card Available on Pay Monthly Simplicity Tariff

SIM card only deals is no more a new concept in the market and are now being used heavily by people all over UK. Its reason is definitely the amazing offers which comes alongside such as, lots of minutes, texts and internet at a reasonable cost.

O2 sim card only deals are known to be one of the best in the country that gives great flexibility to customers. You can terminate the contract at any point of time if you are unsatisfied with them. One can also improve their credit score if they have a bad one. In this article we shall focus on O2 sim card deals and important details. Read more »

Unlimited Landline Calls SIM Only

Unlimited Landline Calls SIM Only Plans From Orange and T-Mobile

SIM only plans is now the big thing towards mobile network connectivity, and is something we clearly understand. Because of such low costs and amazing flexibility one easily goes for sim only deals over others. When you consider to exploit or make most out of them, the thinking comes in mind about which network provider to go with, because different providers have different deals with surprises and many other benefits.

O2, 3, T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone are considered as the best mobile network providers in UK. Most of their sim only deals come with lots of unlimited stuffs such as, texts, minutes and internet allowance. Among them unlimited landline calls sim only offers can also be enjoyed from both Orange and T-Mobile. Lets find out details. Read more »

i Phone 4S

I Phone 4s Takes Only Micro SIM Compared To 3GS

i Phone 3GS and i Phone 4S are basically two of the great devices from Apple who have been satisfying the smartphone needs of users for quite some time now. They are rich in specifications and have some amazing features that can make you crazy. The 3GS version is something that created a new trend among people. Apple started to get its recognition in the smartphone market and established its position likewise.

On the other hand i Phone 4S which was released way after that of the 3GS, inherits the latest smartphone technologies so far. They also come with micro sim feature unlike that of 3GS. Let us take a look at the specifications of the i Phone 4S and also find out the importance of micro sim’s. Read more »

SIM Only Contracts

SIM Only Contracts Gives You The Peace Of Mind and Hassle Free

What is the first thing that strikes your mind when you read the title, “sim only contracts gives you the peace of mind and helps remain hassle free?”. Many of you might be thinking how can sim only contracts help us likely, while others who have some idea on the topic do understand.

SIM only contracts have gained its popularity in the recent times because they come at a very reasonable price and comprise of short term contracts. Along with friendly priced deals, the added flexibility makes it interesting and better than others. One can cancel a contract at any point of time and can also go with longer duration that of 12, 18 and 24 months, once they are satisfied. Let us learn more on sim only contracts and find out the best offers in UK. Read more »

Three Micro SIM

Three Micro SIM Now Comes With 10GB Data Allowance on 1 Month Rolling Contract

We all know what a SIM card is, but there are many who haven’t heard or have less information on what micro sim’s are. Micro sim’s  are basically the smaller version of a sim card. Not all devices support them, usually phones from Apple can be seen inheriting such technology. This technology has been established to give room for a larger battery allowing to meet the power requirements of a smartphone.

One can get hold of a micro sim from many mobile network providers in UK. Among them, Three micro sim is said to have some amazing stuffs with their deals, lets find out. Read more »

iPhone 4 SIM Card

iPhone 4 SIM Card Tariffs from 3 Mobile Network

A few years back the first thing when you heard the word Apple is the fruit that come into your mind, but these days it is the manufacturing company of smartphones which is on a roll. Most of us understand the reason why Apple has gained such recognition across the world. It has maintained high quality in terms of manufacturing and have been pawning fellow competitors since its birth.

iPhone 4, one of its best selling creations of the company is seen in the hands of many these days. There are lots of offers for customers to enjoy and make the most out of. In this article we will discuss on iPhone 4 sim card tariffs from 3 mobile network and also find out its advantages. Read more »

iPad 3 Release Date

iPad 3 Release Date on March 2012 in UK

There was a huge buzz in the market on the release of the new device from Apple. Most of you are guessing which device it maybe, is it the iPhone 5 or some other device. Well, some of you have guessed it right, the fuss was about the iPad 3 release date. It is said to thrash fellow competitors behind, with specifications that is way greater than its younger brother the iPad 2.

The iPad 3 release date was on March 2012 in UK. It is a device that has lots of functions that includes reading e-books, watch movies, listen to music, play games and much more. Let us take a look at its specifications and also find out the best sim card deal suiting your needs. Read more »